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About Tokyo Classic

A golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus, where three generations of parents and children can enjoy a rich club lifestyle centered around the golf course.

The golf course that is the core of the Tokyo Classic Club is a top class championship course designed by the great Jack Nicklaus, which may will be the last design work of him in Japan. He also worked on the prestigious sister course, the“Hokkaido Classic Golf Club”. We also boast a driving range with a great scale and environment that is a first for Japan, and provide a number of activities tailored to every stage of our member’s lives.

The course is maintained at the highest global level by The Classic Oe Yasuhiko Team which has the only GCSAA certification in Japan. We have achieved a golf life that can be enjoyed equally by full athlete golfers, right through to average golfers.

We are also equipped with opportunities for animal welfare through interactions with horses, and Japan’s first Horseback Trekking course which allows riding both inside and outside of the golf course grounds. We also have a variety of activities that can be enjoyed by parents and children in our forest classroom, including the cultivation of chemical-free vegetables, pottery making and summer camps etc. We are proud to provide an enhanced club life where members’entire families can enjoy themselves, to three generations of parents, children and grandchildren.

We have introduced a simplified membership system (admission fee + monthly membership fee) by replacing the traditional Japan invented unique membership system (deposit and transfer fees). However, in order to maintain a quality club environment, we will carry out our admission evaluations (recommendation of two members + documentation review + committee member interview).