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Tokyo Classic Co., Ltd. The last of 1st Subscription Offer


Subscription for Tokyo Classic Co., Ltd., incorporated to establish and operate Tokyo Classic Club and hold assets concerning the Club.

Eligibility for Subscription

Individuals supporting the vision of Tokyo Classic Club.

*Recommendation by one shareholder + document screening + interview with committee members are required.

*Committee members are the founding members of Tokyo Classic Club.

*Entry procedure for membership shall be separately required after subscription.

Share Overview

Subscription price : 17,000,000 yen per share

Voting Right : Yes

Dividend Right : Yes

Right to Demand for Distribution of Residual Assets : Yes

Subscription Offer Starts on

February 18, 2017

Application Accepted from

March 5, 2017

Number of Offer


Procedure for Subscription

  • Please fill in the prescribed Application for Share Allotment Screening and Resume. If you are an individual applicant, please attach the Seal Certificate and Family Register (extract) concerning you (1 copy each), as well as ID photos (4cm x 3cm; 2 copies). If you apply as a corporate applicant (*Note 1), please also prepare Corporate Seal Certificate and Company Register in addition to the above.
  • After screening and interview with committee members, we will issue the Letter of Acceptance, Prospectus, and the Application for Subscription for New Shares.
  • Upon remitting the application deposit to our Application Deposit Remittance Account, please submit the Application for Subscription for New Shares (*Note 2).
  • At the beginning of the month following your application, we will issue the Allotment Notification upon the resolution of Board of Directors.
  • After the 10th of the month following your application, we will enter your name on the Shareholder Registry and issue the Share Certificate.

*Note 1 We accept corporate subscribers. However, our club only accepts one individual member per subscription.

*Note 2 The acceptance only takes place after March 5, 2017 (subject to the notification’s entry into force under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act).

Payment Method

Single payment in cash.

Benefits (for shareholder club members)

  • Spouse Member Entry Fee (1,500,000 yen) will be waived.
  • Member can accompany up to three guest players on weekends and holidays (non-shareholder members cannot accompany other players).
  • Accompanying guest players can play at discounted rates (shareholder’s friendship rate for three accompanying guest players + reservation is available for one party).
  • Member has priority access to the entire facility.
  • Member can play at prestigious golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus and member to Jack Nicklaus International Golf Club across the world at special rates (Please see Jack Nicklaus International Golf Club website for details).
  • For Classic Golf Club members becoming the shareholders and the individuals specially qualified by Tokyo Classic Co., Ltd., 1,800,000 yen out of 3,500,000 yen entry fee for Tokyo Classic Golf Club will be waived (for the first 50 applicants only, including the shareholders of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th subscription offers).

*Above prices are all tax-excluded.
Please make sure to read through the Prospectus before applying.

Please contact below for the Prospectus, enquiries, etc.
Tokyo Classic Club
TEL:043-309-6661 /

Invitation to Club Membership

Invitation to Membership Offer

Tokyo Classic Club shareholder members and Honorary Founding Member.
(Excluding spouse members and international members).

*Honorary Founding Member is Jack Nicklaus.

Entry and Monthly Fees

(*Below are prices for shareholders who subscribe for the last of 1st offer.)

Type Period Eligibility Entry Fee Monthly Fee
Permanent Individual ¥3,500,000 ¥30,000
Permanent ¥1,500,000 ¥20,000
Five years ¥1,000,000 ¥30,000
Permanent ¥1,000,000 ¥30,000

*1 An applicant subscribing for shares under a corporate name shall be admitted as one individual member per corporate shareholder.

*All prices are tax-excluded. Consumption tax shall be separately added to the prices.

*Entry Fee is non-refundable at membership withdrawal.


Applications for admission to club membership will be announced together with the information on the share subscription procedure.

Terms and Conditions for Use

  • Terms and conditions for facility use shall be separately provided as Tokyo Classic Club Rules and Detailed Regulations.
  • Tokyo Classic Club Rules and Detailed Regulations will be finalized upon reflecting opinions of shareholders and committee members at a later day.